Installing gforge on ubuntu feisty

1. install ubuntu server – no lamp – mailman wants you to choose languages, „newlist mailman“ and afterwards „/etc/init.d/mailman start“ – gforge-db-password wants you to choose a password for the database user – gforge-mta-exim4 asks wether or not to modify /etc/aliases for you – answer yes – gforge-shell-postgresql asks wether or not to modify /etc/nss-pgsql.conf […]

Using the o2 Laptop Card with Ubuntu

lsusb shows the card as: Bus 007 Device 002: ID 0af0:6701 Option and the Feisty kernel supports it out of the box. Using umtsmon I can set the PIN and not worry about it anymore. However, I was unable to connect using the tool. I had some difficulties with connectiong to the APN „surfo2“ so […]