The MacGyver theme and then some

I was reading the ubuntuweblogs when a link led me to youtube. From there I somehow found the MacGyver theme in various forms: accordion, acoustic guitar, piano (and one that misses a few notes and ends quite awful I think), a brrrr keyboard, an even more brrr keyboard, a rock edit and a freak show. […]

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Using UMTS with Ubuntu Feisty

I just managed to get a Nozomi based UMTS card working with the current stable version of Ubuntu. The most interesting pages were the Gentoo wiki and Mathias Kellers blog entry. After setting the nameservers to and everything worked like a charm. Here is my chatscript: # This chatfile was generated by pppconfig […]

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Open air Cinema in Kassel

I just got a culture “promotion” book for Kassel. The only thing that jumped at me was the open air cinema that will be open every day except Sundays from June 28th till September 8th. Now, it just remains to be seen what they will be playing …

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What are actors good for anyway?

Maybe just as a model for this?

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I really like the way Hiro can express his joy. Now imagine me standing on the balcony shouting “YATAA!” Why? … Well I wasted the better part of the day putting blog-icons or publicons to the right column, even creating new ones for: Yeah, I know, nothing to freak out about. What I managed to […]

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LDAP fun

Should you ever wonder why your users can login but fail to resolve their login name try making /etc/nsswitch.conf world readable…

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Remember this when creating a Presentation

I often wonder about how bad Presentations can go. Garry Reynold wrote a nice post on how you should use “PowerPoint”. He talks about cognitive load and multimedia learning. Maybe, I should read some more of his blog …

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Welcome back, commander!

Yesterday, I rewarded myself with playing the C&C: Tiberium Wars demo for finishing a first draft of the documentation for my last university project. It is just a draft, but it took me a long time to really put myself to it. I know it’s cheap, but I haven’t heard as nice a thing as […]

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Moved from pebble to serendipity / apache to lighttpd / courier to postfix + cyrus

I moved from pebble to serendipity (or s9y as they call it). Mainly, because pebble was the only JAVA process here and that sucked up quite a lot of resources on a host with 32 virtual machines. I imported the old posts and added redirects for all the old urls. Although s9y is written in […]

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Using Cosmo / Bedework CalDAV with Evolution

This evening I was toying around with Cosmo, Bedework and Evolution v2.9.6 on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. In a perfect world that only would have taken a few minutes… Unfortunately, Evolution did not really like  the URL I tried to feed it for Cosmo: caldav://localhost:8080/cosmo/home/testuser/Cosmo – for the current release Using a browser (and the HTTP […]

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