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blogging from within eclipse

Yesterday, we were talking about blogging and Leif said hewould like to see a client that showed him his last commits,to remind him what he did during the week. So I started lookingout for a blog plugin for Eclipse. I found JBlogEditor and am typing this post from within eclipse, right now. To do the […]

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After a long day hacked pebble, so I could upload images with Gnome Blog …

The Gentoo image for our students seems to suffer from a kernel panic … I will have to dig into that when the system has finished updating / building. The Coobra Repositories now have their own server, but we had to disable some security measures so we could set it up in another subnet. However […]

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Testing blogging software

So I installed Pebble on my vServer, just to make it a little more useful … lets see where this is heading … First testing Gnome Blog … hmm links have to be added with the button, whereas images can just be dragged onto the edit pane … and how can I tell him to […]

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