Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll!

The Hurricane was all you can imagine from a festival and it of course started with the infamous „Helga!“ roamings. „Die Fantastischen Vier“ were better than I expected. I got lucky and stood directly in front of them … second in line. They also played old songs like „Tag am Meer“ I had never expected […]

Idea Park at the Expo Plaza in Hanover

Nicole and I had a visit to the Idea Park exposition in the German Pavilion. The idea came to me reading a newspaper last weekend. It sounded fun, but was disappointing. Sure, there were some interesting things … well … I just dont seem to remember them right now … had we been there as […]

New semester – with an easter egg?!?

My easter egg with a bad surprise was the failiure of the Xen server and any domain it hosted, after I tried to change a password … the easter egg with a nice surprise was having a long walk with Nicole, which turned more wholehearted than I had hoped for. If only I wouldn’t catch […]

This is how I felt before the weekend …

I was looking forward to seeing Nicole, yet, she managed to disappoint all my expectations and hopes by picking up some guy two feet away from me while we were on a single party. Yes, I know how stupid it was to go on a single party with her and her friends … I did […]

Women vs. men …

I think I realised a fundamental difference between men and women today: men will only hear what they want to hear according to their top priorities. I do not want to discuss whether men are more focused than women or can only focus on one thing – what matters is that whatever they listen to, […]