In Kassel People don’t know about entering / leaving the train …

I assume that I am have a few prejudices concerning people living in Kassel. When you want to leave the subway they will simply stand in the door opening staring at you. What about stepping aside so people can actually leave the train? No way! You sometimes have to shove them away! I come from […]

This weekend I badly bounced from Windows …

My father needed a hardware upgrade so we bought some neat stuff and I managed to get everything back up after installing the new hardware. I just got a few bruises when realizing that Windows (in this case 2000 Professional) does not fall back to a generic driver for the mainboard chipset, if the installed […]

Crappy Linux Laptop/Dual Head and autodetection support

Another example for how much the current configuration of sucks. Why does it have to be so hard?!?! Would it not be possible to just reinitialize the graphics card? Furthermore, why can’t I tell about my german keyboard and mouse (it has a wheel + extra buttons) and let it autodetect all other […]

Where is the admin interface for Open-Xchange?

SLOX had an administration interface for OX, however the open source version is lacking one. The /umin servlet only allows to change the personal settings and searching through the official forums I only found ATFrogs. Unfortunately it does not have support for adding / editing users … o_O hmm seems like there is no good […]