New semester – with an easter egg?!?

My easter egg with a bad surprise was the failiure of the Xen server and any domain it hosted, after I tried to change a password … the easter egg with a nice surprise was having a long walk with Nicole, which turned more wholehearted than I had hoped for. If only I wouldn’t catch […]

2. Semester finished

Yep, finally my second semester at the university has ended and I am quite satisfied. Tests like Discreet Structures II (lots of Math) were decent. Even Monopolism seems to have left pre alpha! Next week will start with another SAP training couse … at least only half a day. Unfortunately I only got two weeks […]

Finishing a test with a nice barbecue in the buga

Today I had a test in discrete structures (lots of math … graphs, recursion, induction) which I asumed to be the hardest I had to take this semester. So after finishing the four pages of handwritten notes we were allowed to take with us (no calculator, no nothing but the pages) and having lunch I […]