finally, suspend / resume works!

Yeah I know, most of you out there think I am crazy to have used my laptop without working suspend to ram or disk. Well in my case the combination of my graphicscard and a widscreen resolution forced me to use the fglrx driver from ati (not even vesa was an option). Fortunately, the newopen […]

Installing gforge on ubuntu feisty

1. install ubuntu server – no lamp – mailman wants you to choose languages, „newlist mailman“ and afterwards „/etc/init.d/mailman start“ – gforge-db-password wants you to choose a password for the database user – gforge-mta-exim4 asks wether or not to modify /etc/aliases for you – answer yes – gforge-shell-postgresql asks wether or not to modify /etc/nss-pgsql.conf […]

Using the o2 Laptop Card with Ubuntu

lsusb shows the card as: Bus 007 Device 002: ID 0af0:6701 Option and the Feisty kernel supports it out of the box. Using umtsmon I can set the PIN and not worry about it anymore. However, I was unable to connect using the tool. I had some difficulties with connectiong to the APN „surfo2“ so […]

Using UMTS with Ubuntu Feisty

I just managed to get a Nozomi based UMTS card working with the current stable version of Ubuntu. The most interesting pages were the Gentoo wiki and Mathias Kellers blog entry. After setting the nameservers to and everything worked like a charm. Here is my chatscript: # This chatfile was generated by pppconfig […]