Crappy Linux Laptop/Dual Head and autodetection support

Another example for how much the current configuration of sucks. Why does it have to be so hard?!?! Would it not be possible to just reinitialize the graphics card?

Furthermore, why can’t I tell about my german keyboard and mouse (it has a wheel + extra buttons) and let it autodetect all other settings? only tries to autodetect settings when the /etc/xorg.conf is missing completely. Let’s see what comes out of the bug I entered.

Next thing that bugs me is that I dont have a clue on how to change the resolution of the second display on the fly. Xorgs ati/radeon driver allows me to predefine resolutions in the form of 1400×1050-1280×1024 which is nearly what I want (with this I still have to predefine what I want …). It is still impossible to change between clone mode and LeftOf / RightOf/… on the fly – even less with the key reserved for that on every laptop …

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