Finishing a test with a nice barbecue in the buga

Today I had a test in discrete structures (lots of math … graphs, recursion, induction) which I asumed to be the hardest I had to take this semester. So after finishing the four pages of handwritten notes we were allowed to take with us (no calculator, no nothing but the pages) and having lunch I took the test.

It was ok. I could have done better, as I made some really stupid mistakes which I could not correct due to the two hour time constraint.

Afterwards I tried to get some more things done but was relieved when the decision was made to have a barbecue at the buga in Kassel.

I’ll post some photos as soon as I get my hands on it.

When I came home the test results were already online. 15 of 31 participants did not pass. I managed a 3.3 which is okay since it won’t go into the final calculations for my diploma grade.

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