In Kassel People don’t know about entering / leaving the train …

I assume that I am have a few prejudices concerning people living in Kassel. When you want to leave the subway they will simply stand in the door opening staring at you. What about stepping aside so people can actually leave the train? No way! You sometimes have to shove them away!
I come from Hannover. People there seem to be much brighter: They usually step aside when the subway stops…Anyway, yesterday I arrived at Kassel in an ICE (Intercity Express – fastest train here in Germany). Guess what? In the trian about ten to fifteen people had queued to leave the train. Ten seconds after the doors had opened some teenager already entered the train with a huge sportsbag on his shoulder. Five to seven people outside wanted to enter … I wanted out but was like … third in line. The ICEs usually have two doors adjacent to each other where the wagons are connected. I could now see that one of the doors was blocked by a guy who had sat down in front of it, assuming he would not find a real seat. The teenager must have climbed over him. Basically everyone was trying to get to the other door. Now the blocker realized, that he might stand to speed up the whole process.
Outside, the first woman already had her foot on the stairs and tried to enter. „Yep, I arrived at Kassel“ I thought. Loosing my calmness I stepped infront of her and began descending the stairs, leaving the train. She backed off, but I could not resist telling everyone outside „Its so easy: let people leave the train first!“ Luckyly, they could not hear what I thought afterwards … but that’s for personal discussion only 😉

Veröffentlicht von Jörn Dreyer

learned in a bank, studied business informatics, took the red pill and went down the rabbit hole of software engineering til a Ph.D.

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