Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll!

The Hurricane was all you can imagine from a festival and it of course started with the infamous „Helga!“ roamings. „Die Fantastischen Vier“ were better than I expected. I got lucky and stood directly in front of them … second in line. They also played old songs like „Tag am Meer“ I had never expected to hear live. It was a good starter for what was about to come. Right after them I realized the „Beastie Boys“ do not make my kind of music.

Saturday, I had not expected Marylin Manson to be a great act, so I was not that dissapointed by his show. Placebo and Incubus were decent though.

Sunday was very relaxing as the only band I wanted to see was „Deichkind“. Yeah, I know Pearl Jam was playing at the same time, however the live show I witnessed was unlike anything I have ever seen: not only did the members of „Deichkind“ perform crowdsurfing themselves, they also sent out some kind of giant donut with a trampoline inside and were jumping ON the crowd!

On the Drugs side: we had an ever flowing supply of beer and meat from the barbecue 😉

Sex you ask? Well, she was 80/18 … lesbian … and we had a nice weekend. 😀

In summary the slogan „Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll!“ still holds.

Yeah, well, maybe not exactly … but you get the idea.

Update: Jack Daniels managed to upload the photos:

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