Scuba-diving … after more than ten years of absence

Yeah! I got my license when I was … like … sixteen years old and never made a trip afterwards. So, when a friend of mine asked if I would like to get an update I decided to take the chance. Unfortunately, the water was cold (9°C), the sun was not really shining and the […]

New semester – with an easter egg?!?

My easter egg with a bad surprise was the failiure of the Xen server and any domain it hosted, after I tried to change a password … the easter egg with a nice surprise was having a long walk with Nicole, which turned more wholehearted than I had hoped for. If only I wouldn’t catch […]

2. Semester finished

Yep, finally my second semester at the university has ended and I am quite satisfied. Tests like Discreet Structures II (lots of Math) were decent. Even Monopolism seems to have left pre alpha! Next week will start with another SAP training couse … at least only half a day. Unfortunately I only got two weeks […]