After a long day hacked pebble, so I could upload images with Gnome Blog …

The Gentoo image for our students seems to suffer from a kernel panic … I will have to dig into that when the system has finished updating / building. The Coobra Repositories now have their own server, but we had to disable some security measures so we could set it up in another subnet. However Gforge, OpenXchange and the old www will move into the DMZ soon so that is only temporal. OpenXchange seems to need an update to 0.8.0-5 for SyncML to work properly and the GForge still has to be moved to a XEN instance, which requires relocating about 15 CNAMEs… Oh well – and if all of that is done I’ll try to make all these systems use only one LDAP server for authenthication … yeah, right!?!?

After a days work I decided to do something fun and am now able to use Gnome Blog the way it is intended to …

And yes … it took a long time to find the bug and was fixed altering one line of code 😉 – and now for the proof:

wallpaper found at deviantart

Veröffentlicht von Jörn Dreyer

learned in a bank, studied business informatics, took the red pill and went down the rabbit hole of software engineering til a Ph.D.

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