blogging from within eclipse

Yesterday, we were talking about blogging and Leif said hewould like to see a client that showed him his last commits,to remind him what he did during the week. So I started lookingout for a blog plugin for Eclipse.

I found JBlogEditor and am typing this post from within eclipse, right now.

To do the same just download the latest release an unpack the com.chimshaw.jblogeditor*from the RCP release to an eclipse extension directory of your choice and restart eclipse. This way I do not have the problems Dan Haywoods mentioned, however I am getting „Invalid Menu Extension“ errors, when the editor tries to wrap a line. Not a real problem though…

Add the CVS-Changelog plugin and create a custom perspective and you are all go! Well, ok this only works with CVS and you will have to open a changelog for each project. Nevertheless, it’s a start …

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