4th International Fujaba Days 2006

Arrival began Wednesday with Christian missing. We assumed he’d rather stay with his pregnant wife as the baby was expected every hour. After the social event on Thursday I met a good friend of mine and dumped a load of people on him as we all wanted to party somewhere. Sorry bro 😉This years Fujaba Days were located in Bayreuth, Germany. Wednesday and Thursday we were all waiting for news from Christian as he had’nt arrived at work till 11 o’clock. On the train to Bayreuth I reviewed a Paper on eLearning and afterwards relaxed reading some Witchblade comics. Johannes picked us up an brought us to the Hotel where just went to bed.

On Thursday the Keynote began at 10:15 … which we barely managed to reach in time. WLAN was available without much of a hassle, lunch at the mensa was ok (at least better than in Kassel … although not much), the social event in the evening was great, although a lot of us wanted to go party afterwards. Luckily it happens that Johannes lives on the opposite of a disco so half a dozen total strangers invaded his home on my behalf … he was just lucky that the other half to another way and went directly to the disco 😉 It was fun and we spent the night there until about four o’clock. Too bad we had to get up early the next morning for the talks, which by the way were quite interesting (I would never have guessed that Fujaba is beeing used in the medical world).

Friday we finally received news from Christian that his wife had given birth to a healty girl. Yay 🙂 I still can’t believe it.

Unfortunately, the Fujaba Developer Days following right behind in schedule collide with the TGG workshop. Somehow most of the developers wanted to attend them too, so Albert spontaneously announced the 3rd Fujaba Developer Days on 13. and 14. of November in Kassel.

Right after an exceptional pizza Picante at the restaurant „Trattoria Am Studentenwald“ I was able to finish the work on NT2OD (natural text 2 object diagram). A Fujaba Plugin that parses the text comment of a story pattern and tries to identify objects and relations. Its current state could be described as „proof of concept“. Most likely I will give a presentation on 26th of October to Members of Knowledge and data engineering as well as software engineering. I hope some discussion will arise on the direction the plugin will take.

Today, I also took the time to update the blogsoftware running here. The new version features a tag cloud and a lot of other improvements. There are still some problems with CSS, so I will take the time to create a mor personal theme and layout …

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