Wow, what a day!

I started surprising myself when getting up early (considering my usual rhythm 7:10am is early) to actually do a short 30 min workout before havin breakfast with Sven at the university…We had already installed Scalix on a Fedora Core 4 system on friday and now wantet to knot our LDAP server to it. Although it took us the whole day I got synchronization working around 17:45h. It was all the more enjoyable as we were merely huntung one error all the time and it was becoming frustrating. I still cant believe how easy it was after all. Lets hope for the best … there might still be some work lurking around with the actual mail transfer agent of scalix…
I went to see my colleges to celebrate the outcome with a beer and got told Reiko had become father early this morning (meaning about 1:00am … ). Fucking unbelievable 😉 First Chrstian, now him.

I was in such a good mood that I even made some calls and ended up telling Nicole I could take her home on saturday after the premiere of „Die Zauberflöte„. A friend of mine has his birthday party right next to where she lives, so anything else would have been rediculous. And I did not freak out about it … well thats something 😉

Ok, I’m off to go party with Reiko … cu soon

p.s. I even wrote a blog entry … wow, what a day!

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learned in a bank, studied business informatics, took the red pill and went down the rabbit hole of software engineering til a Ph.D.

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