Moved from pebble to serendipity / apache to lighttpd / courier to postfix + cyrus

I moved from pebble to serendipity (or s9y as they call it). Mainly, because pebble was the only JAVA process here and that sucked up quite a lot of resources on a host with 32 virtual machines. I imported the old posts and added redirects for all the old urls. Although s9y is written in php, which I dislike as a language, I am quite impressed with its features. For now I enabled comments as it comes with some nice anti spam measures … well see how things work out.

Apache was dumped in favour of lighttpd as I do not need all the functions of apache and it uses a smaller memory footprint … and maybe because lighttpd is hip and I wanted to try it out 😉

As we are going to use postfix/cyrus in the university I read a few IMAP performance comparisons and a lot of docu. Both outperform courier: cyrus performance and postfix documentation made the decision easier…

I hope nothing got broken 😉

so long

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