Using Cosmo / Bedework CalDAV with Evolution

This evening I was toying around with Cosmo, Bedework and Evolution v2.9.6 on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. In a perfect world that only would have taken a few minutes…

Unfortunately, Evolution did not really like  the URL I tried to feed it for Cosmo:
caldav://localhost:8080/cosmo/home/testuser/Cosmo – for the current release
Using a browser (and the HTTP protocol) I was able to retrieve the calendar as mime text/text, but Evolution failed to recognize anything. It would even refuse to let me create events when the Cosmo calendar was selected, thinking it was read only …

With Bedework I tried the following with partial success:
http://localhost:8080/ucaldav/user/caluser1/calendar – for the current quickstart release
Evolution fails to import any data from the server. However, events added in Evolution are correctly displayed on the users webcalendar. When pointing a browser to the URL I get this HTML code:

Very strange … the table statement seems to be missing a closing bracket? Could that be the error? I will have to take a closer look at this …

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    1. Any news in your Evolution + CalDav server experiments? I tried Evolution (2.10.1) in Ubuntu (7.04) myself to collaborate with the Bedework server. It failed: Evolution crashed when changing to the calendar view after I added a CalDav calendar wit URL to my Bedework server.

      I also tried Cosmo but that failed, too: Evolution just displayed nothing although I entered some test events in Cosmo’s webinterface and pointed Evolution to the corresponding CalDav URL.

      In Cosmo’s Bugzilla I found

      In Evolution’s Bugzilla there seems to be just _three_ (3!) bugs for the CalDav plugin which seems to reflect the bad state of that component correctly :-(.

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