Short update …

Semester has started, and I am currently busy getting my stuff together for that. Luckily, the student computer pool is finally quite usable (only after I found one of those „one character bugs“ in the nfs exports file of our /home server).

This semester will be mainly about semantic web with me also visiting XML and neural networks. Discreet structures II is going to be interesting but hard whereas the project will be interesting and time consuming … I wonder when I will find the time to move some of our servers to the new dual opteron hell machine with 8Gig of RAM etc 😉

Finally I should be on the way to set up a mail server with IMAP access and maybe LDAP integration … does anyone know how to configure cyrus to create the INBOX for a user present in the LDAP directory (and no creating the mailbox is not enough)?

More updates soon …

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learned in a bank, studied business informatics, took the red pill and went down the rabbit hole of software engineering til a Ph.D.

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